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I'm from Bloomington IN (Indiana university is here, I'm not going there). This is my tenth year in 4-H, which is the goal and final in Indiana, I just finished my freshman year of college. This week has been very emotional because it is fair week.

My projects
Dogs-6 years, obedience, showmanship, and one of agility, I was the president this year
Cats- 5 years, grand champion twice, reserve once, "best of show" once, pretty good club, really small and not educational, president 3 years.
Sewing- 7 years, reserve champ a few times,this year I made a black halter top backless dress for swing dancing.
Fashion review, goes hand in hand with sewing, it's so much fun to model our clothes
Crafts, I knit, weave, do leather craft and jewelry
Electric- ok I only did it my first three years, but it was my first champion so it's exciting.

There have been a few other projects along the way but most were pretty boring and only for a year or two.

I was a councelor at our county's 4-H camp one year, attended it 5 times.

Last year I was a delegate at Indiana State Fair Youth Leadership Conference, where 100 4-Hers toured the fair, the state house, and did community service.

This year my trip was 4-H animal science.

What do you do in 4-H, what's different about your program than what I just discribed, keep me interested.
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