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8/14/09 12:08 am - i_bleed_green - Feeling sentimental...

Ahh, wow, it's been a year and a half since I've even signed onto LJ, much less actually POSTED. (Don't think this changes things, Tara!) I was just writing an email and feeling ridiculously sentimental about my 4-H years. Ahhh, wow,

For everyone who's not southern_grace , I'm Shannon, 22 (not 18 as my outdated profile suggests), and a college grad. I did 4-H Horse Project in high school after I got my off-the-track Thoroughbred... Oh, Andy, how I miss you... Yeah, man, I was a complete horse nut until I left for college, so needless to say, Horse Project was my life during my HS years. I always look back on those days as the best in my life. The best friends I've ever had, I've met because of 4-H. Claudia. Dana. Tara. (Yes, you, Tara!) 

Given the wisdom of my years, I feel obligated to tell current 4-Hers to enjoy every single second, take lots of pictures, and do every 4-Hey thing you can, while you can. One day, after you've aged-out, you'll look around you and realize that the friends that have stuck by you, the ones that help you through crisis after crisis, were your 4-H buddies. You'll realize that the memories most precious to you are the ones you made at 4-H camp or at Regionals and Nationals. Ahhh... Eastern Nationals, gotta love em! And some day, in the distant future, you may even find yourself sitting in my shoes, grateful to have the opportunity to share your love for 4-H with others, so that perhaps they will appreciate it more than you did.

I still pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country and my WORLD! 4-H RULES!

8/13/07 06:21 pm - breyerchic04 - Did or Does anyone show cats in 4-H?

I'm wondering how different states and counties did their 4-H cat project.  Did you have meetings?  What did those meetings cover?  What went on at the show?  Did you do any fun crafts or activities to learn about cats?  Did you have knowledge or showmanship divisions?  How big was your club, did you split into groups.  At this point I'll take whatever I can get.  I showed cats for 5 years and we just had a cat care/conformation division where you didn't have to know anything other than how to trim your cats nails and you could win.  I am going to be an assistant leader next year and I'd like to have at least one more division and have lessons at meetings.  Do you have ideas? 

12/11/06 08:18 pm - fullxofxempty - FALL FORUM!!

Hey yall! who went to Georgia fall forum!?!?! so much fun!

12/7/06 03:37 am - singingnymph - See Charlotte's Web and Help 4-H!

Get the word out: For every ticket purchased for Paramount Pictures and Walden Media's production of Charlotte's Web through www.fourhcouncil.edu, Hollywood Movie Money will make a $1 donation to 4-H to support your state's 4-H program.

More here: http://www.fourhcouncil.edu/

X-Posted. My apologies if you see this more than once.

EDIT: I also posted this to the community section on my local Craig's List.
Feel free to do the same...let's support 4H!


5/3/06 06:31 pm - mickey4jes - Do you love 4-H?

Take the National 4-H Tech Survey by May 14th!

Do you like adults to make decisions about your 4-H program or would you like to make them? Have you ever thought that 4-H needed to become more high tech? Have cooler websites? Have news on Livejournal or a MySpace account? Have cool new graphics for you to use?

3/1/06 05:38 pm - jessicaalice88 - Just joined

So I just joined this community because it seems pretty cool. I love 4H :)..I just had my Public speaking a few days ago (Sunday)..And I got first *Thumbs up*..I have some pics of my public speaking in my livejournal, so feel free to look.
Seems like most of you are from the US...You guys have a lot of interesting projects that we dont have (Nova Scotia, Canada)..
Anyways...See ya

10/20/05 04:42 pm - marshmelococoa - New Here!

Hi everyone! I'm Heidi, a past 4-H member a lifetime ago. I showed horses for a couple years.  Now my daughter is joining in with a friend. Her mom and I are starting our own club for our daughters and a couple neighborhood kids since the existing groups are pretty large. We're having our first informal meeting tonight to get everyone registered. We have some plans for some fun things but are still working on setting up our club plan.

What are the best places to go for resources? Does anyone know of a project for indoor gardening? [growing herbs and spices and things]

Just saying hi and looking for alittle info!

9/26/05 10:24 am - chiquita522 - Dressage Saddle Price?

I decided on Friday that I want to sell my Stubben dressage saddle.

It's a 32 cm tree, fairly older, but in a generally very good condition. The leather is faded (no longer a beautiful black), but with some dye work, it'd be like new.
I will mostly likely be selling the saddle with the leathers, irons, and girth (it's somewhere in the 30 inch range).

What would be a fair price for this? My mom had purchased it maybe 10 years ago, gifted it to me about 7, and I haven't used it heavily for almost 3 years. It's been kept in a saddle bag, cleaned and oiled about four times a summer, and never exposed to heavy moisture.

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8/21/05 07:10 pm - abshortridge - I Bleed Green: A 4-H community.


I just wanted to let you guys know about the community I maintain, ibleedgreen4h

Hope to see you there.

8/4/05 08:31 pm - tempestuous07 - Hola!

Hey guys!

So... I'm new. My name's Helena and I'm in Colorado.  This is my 8th year in 4-H and I've done 25 projects over the years...

My fair's going on right now. This year I did Applique in the Needle Arts division of Heritage Arts. I made a ridiculously time-consuming wool applique quilt for my mom for her vet practice. 
Applique PictureCollapse )  Anyhow, I was really happy with it because I got champion applique, best record book, the self design award, and overall grand champion needle arts.  So I'm pretty excited about that.  And I also did ceramics unit 5 (I've done all the other units) and I got champion unit 5 and overall grand champion ceramics... So basically I did really well this year...

So far in 4-H I've done:

Heritage Arts: Quilting (2 years), Cross-stitching, Applique
Ceramics: Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
Global Citizenship: Unit 1
Dairy Goats: 1 year
Small Animals: Hedgehog and Guinea Pig
Cake Decorating: Units 1, 2, 3, and 4
Veterinary Science: Units 1 and 2
Self Determined: 2 years- Dog Agility (I started a dog agility project in my county)
Cats: 1 year
Dog Obedience: 2 years

So yeah, I think that's all.... I'll probably do it for one or two more years... I'm not sure what I'm going to do next year...

7/27/05 02:19 pm - breyerchic04


I'm from Bloomington IN (Indiana university is here, I'm not going there). This is my tenth year in 4-H, which is the goal and final in Indiana, I just finished my freshman year of college. This week has been very emotional because it is fair week.

My projects
Dogs-6 years, obedience, showmanship, and one of agility, I was the president this year
Cats- 5 years, grand champion twice, reserve once, "best of show" once, pretty good club, really small and not educational, president 3 years.
Sewing- 7 years, reserve champ a few times,this year I made a black halter top backless dress for swing dancing.
Fashion review, goes hand in hand with sewing, it's so much fun to model our clothes
Crafts, I knit, weave, do leather craft and jewelry
Electric- ok I only did it my first three years, but it was my first champion so it's exciting.

There have been a few other projects along the way but most were pretty boring and only for a year or two.

I was a councelor at our county's 4-H camp one year, attended it 5 times.

Last year I was a delegate at Indiana State Fair Youth Leadership Conference, where 100 4-Hers toured the fair, the state house, and did community service.

This year my trip was 4-H animal science.

What do you do in 4-H, what's different about your program than what I just discribed, keep me interested.

7/12/05 11:36 am - dressagecowgirl

*sniff* I just had my last 4-H Leaders Show last Saturday. I'm a super senior this year so there is no stretching it out. There is just the summer dressage show, a couple club shows, and the fair to go before no more horse 4-H. For those who can't remember my intro post (it was an aweful long time ago) I am in Snohomish County of Washington State in the Top Hat Trotters club.

It was good seeing everyone again - I've been away to school in CA for the school year and so did not get to participate in many things 4-H.

Carnie (my Thoroughbred) did absolutely fabulous...for the first half of the day anyway.

-First of the day was Senior English Showmanship Medals Silver  - We didn't get our medal but I did get 1st of 4.

-Then I went and did my Non green horse trail in-hand (because Carnie hates riding trail) - There were TINY trot turns obviously not meant for a TB, but we ended up with another 1st out of 13.

-Then came my hunter pleasure class. There were three lots - my lot had 19 so I wasn't expecting much - I ended up with another 1st (needless to say I was pretty happy)

-Then of course come the dreaded bareback equitation. Why do I do that to myself every show? Carnie is a dang hard horse to ride bareback (unlike my old QH) I hadn't actually ridden bareback in 6 months but oh well. We did get a 5th out of 10.

-Then came Huntset Equitation Medals Gold - Carnie was half dead at this point, but considering how good some of those horses were in this class I was happy to beat even a few of them. I got 6th out of 10

-Last of the day was Disciplined Rail for medal riders - It was a definate no go in this class - Carnie was dead to y leg so our half passes, leg yields, and pivots were sloppy, the judge was looking right at me when the counter canter was asked when I was on a corner - the only bright spot was Carnie did a kick ass collected trot. We didn't place out of 14 people.

Pics!Collapse )

4/19/05 03:35 am - dmbfan2004

Hello everyone! I dont think I ever really introduced myself, so I guess I'll do that now. My name is Andrea, Im 20(21 in like a week and a couple days lol), Ive been attending and working at a small 4-H camp in NYS since I was 12. Unforunatly my camp shut down for the summer for financial reasons so I am going to be working at another 4-H camp in the state.

Anyway... I'm interested in eventually becoming more involved with the whole 4-H program and was wondering what kind of opportunities there would be for someone of my age who has never been in 4-H club but only attended camp.
Thank you!

4/15/05 06:40 pm - lioness16

Had a pretty easy day at school, just had capp and band..lol really easy just beofre the weekend. Came home nad drove Shadow, which was grand. He was being a brat for the first few minutes, but then totally mellowed out. Didnt work him hard, just walking and a littel bit of trot to get him back into it. Then Played with Oreo, and made him run his fat butt all over the place lol.So thast about it. See y'all around

4/15/05 02:00 pm - jdh32986 - Collegiate 4-H

Hi everyone!

My name is Joe and I am from Central Pennsylvania. I am a freshman at Juniata College, and this year will be my 11th and final year in the 4-H program. I have been doing various projects over the course of my 4-H career and have shown dairy beef at my county fair. I have held many different offices in my local club and was a camp counselpr for 4 years.

Now that the introduction is over with....

I was wondering if anyone in the community had any information on how to organize a Collegiate 4-H club at my college. I am very interested in continuing to be involved with 4-H.


4/15/05 09:26 am - _dorisday_

so I have some exciting news. I applied for an internship at Grays Harbor and I got it. Now I am the Grays Harbor County Intern for the summer. I also get paid 1,500 each month for about 3 months, so that is a big plus. Thats all my fun 4-H news.

4/15/05 09:21 am - justviolin - finally promoting my community...


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4/15/05 12:49 am - witchkatt - So sorry!

I'm really sorry if this isn't on topic, but I didn't know where else to go. I'll delete it if you want.

I went to my 4-H meeting today and I ended up accepting a nomination for... reporter. Its my first year in 4-H, and I'm supposed to put together some kind of a speach (blech!), and (naturally) I forgot to ask about it before I left.
So now as a last ditch effort I'm asking y'all to clear things up.
What do you put in one of these things, and about how long should it be?
Actually, what I mean to ask, is how short can it be?

Heh, heh. I'm not exactly into the whole public speaking thing.
I can't believe I let them get me into this...

And now for the n00bish commentary: I'm doo00mmedd!!1!!one!@!

x-posted to: four_h

3/22/05 03:53 pm - elle1982

Hey guys I just joined this community. I am a junior at Auburn University. I have been involved in 4-H since about fourth grade. Here at Auburn I am apart of the school's collegiate 4-H program, I am a part of the recently formed state collegiate 4-H organization, and I am the Southern Region Business Manager for collegiate 4-H. So I was just wondering how many college students are apart of this community and still are active in the program?

3/20/05 09:30 pm - ph0t0sh0pn3rd - Register at 4HUSA.org today!!

The national 4-H website has changed from www.4-h.org to www.4husa.org. 4husa.org is a great place to interact with other 4-H'ers around the nation. Sign up today! You wont regret it!
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