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3/14/05 08:05 pm - fullxofxempty

it official im going to camp fortson in Hampton georgia june 13th-17th. awesome i cant wait im just sharing my excitement about it. heres what were doin there:
(im just typin what the flyer thing says)

snakes class
paddle boats
team competition and relay races
camper talent show
enjoying the swimming pool
lasershow at stone mountain
afternoon and evening at sixflags
wet games
two trips to the atlanta motor speedway
tour and learning expierence
the ledgends or racing on thursday night
tour of the university of georgia
Butts-Mehre Building
Tate center
UGA class program
Eat at snelling dining hall
and were doing a communty service project for the military familys (which will prbably be making cards)

anyone else going or are there ne leaders thats r gonna be there mabey?

3/2/05 07:51 pm - lioness16 - Hello!

Hey y'all
my name is aktie, nad i have been in miniature Horse 4 H for 8 years, andi live in B.C. Canada, and i have 2 miniature horses! I seen this community nad i had to join!

3/2/05 08:33 pm - chiquita522 - Yeah

I've been wanting to get Kelly Anne a new show halter for awhile.  Actually, since like August.  One with real silver, or at least silver plating, that doesn't smell like fish. 
And I got one!  My friend Whitney had a stock horse show halter that she wasn't using anymore.  Makes sense, since she now has an Arab gelding and a National Show Horse mare.  Anyway, I am now the happy owner of two show halters. 

Pictures of Kelly the Model and her new (and old) halter behind the cut. 

Halter Pics!Collapse )

2/25/05 12:44 pm - red_head_2346

Cute Pictures check them out!!!

MooCollapse )


2/24/05 08:23 pm - dressagediosa - Horsey 4H clubs in IL, IN, WI?

Hi there! Do any of you belong to a 4H club in Illinois, Indiana or Wisconsin? And do your clubs do a lot of horsey activities, like clinics or group lessons?


2/21/05 04:09 am - witchkatt - Guess I should introduce myself

Well, I'm Andrea, I just joined 4-H this year and probobly won't be competing in anything until next year but I will go to the fair and see what its like. ^^
I'm homeschooled via Keystone National Highschool and I plan to attend Texas A&M after highschool.. and then join the Forest Service. I figured this was a good place to get some credibility/experience.

Anyways, I'm from Texas. I was born but not raised here, we (my family) traveled all over the west side of the U.S. and broke down a bazillion times.. Anyways, we're back now and I'm in 4-H. I'm interested in plants and I hope to integrate (whoo, big words!) that into my participation in 4-H.

Oh, I'm such an animal lover I'm vegetarian. I'm curious, are any of you vegetarian?

2/19/05 04:41 pm - fullxofxempty - you rock my socks

Hey, my name is amanda im 13 and ive been in 4-H since 5th grade which is abut..4 years now. for 2005 i havent done anything with 4-H ! i am really slaping myself for that. oom march 9th-11 is the jr. dpa. i didnt go into dpa this year beacuse, im going on a school trip to washington dc. my mom rathered me to do that instead so i could take a once in a life time opertunity. this trip is from uhm, the 9 till 13th i belive.(BTW IM IN GEORGIA)uhm. yeah i plan on being more active with 4-H fro the rest of the year. in june 13-17 is jr. camp. the cmap is in atlanta and unfortunatly i have forgotten the name of it! but i will be going ! :). its so hard to find people in 4-H who are intersested in teh same things i am. which is like i listen to rock and other kind of music and most of the people here are really into rap and poppyness. ive made friends with many different groups, btu its so hard to relate to them sometimes.

2/15/05 06:57 pm - abshortridge - Public Presentations

I loathe public presentations. I had to do one today and... surprisingly I did well... VERY well. The judges said that they would have considered me to state, but I hate public speaking and I just don't have the time.

So... do any of you do public presentations?

1/26/05 03:50 pm - so_at_last

I'm new to this community.

I'm from Mahoning County, which is in Ohio, and I live in a little city called Austintown. I've been in 4H for I believe 6 years. I started out with just my dog, but then I found out about all of the other projects I could have, so the next year I got a llama, then some rabbits, and finally some sheep for this year. I've never even been near a sheep, so it's going to be interesting learning how to show them and stuff. Has anyone else ever shown sheep?


1/21/05 10:14 pm - abshortridge - *clears throat*

Gosh... I feel like my heads going to explode. I'm like... new here in live journal and I can't decide on what to do.

Maybe I just need some sleep and come back later. Gah. Sorry to have waste your time. -_-;

Eh... Hi everybody? Believe it or not I'm in 4-H.

12/16/04 08:59 pm - chiquita522 - Can't Wait!

Oh! I can't wait until Fair 2005. It will most likely be my county's last fair, which is very depressing, but it'll be a rocking awsome time, I'm sure.

I'm only involved in the Horse Project, but I'd love to show rabbits or something like that.

I just got the county wide 4-H newsletter and I'm fairly excited about possibly doing the horse judging team.
Are there any other horse members out there who have done the judging stuff? Should I try my hand at it?

12/2/04 10:27 am - relientkfan2 - new.

Hey everybody. :) Just joined so I thought I'd introduce myself,

I am relatively new to 4H, but it feels like I have been involved my whole life. This is my second year, and I am part of our cavy project (a teen leader infact). I am 16 years old, I have 4 cavies (one has babies on the way!) and I absolutely adore showing them, it's always so much fun. My younger brother is in the cavy project with me as well, and he loves it too.

Any other cavy owners out there? :)

xxo. Steph

11/20/04 10:27 am - sarbahanew - hey

hey all! my name's Sarah and i've been in 4h for 10 years in litchfield county connecticut. i've done everything from sheep to poultry to dairy cows, but right now my main project are brown swiss dairy cattle. i'm working on one of those state recognition forms that you can win a trip to the national congress/conference or the world dairy expo. hopefully i'll get picked and i'll be able to attend some of those things. talk to yall later

11/14/04 09:03 pm - busybubble333

Hey, This is Gretchen from Washington. I'm a State Ambassador and I was wondering if anyone else in this community will be attending National Congress in a few weeks? Or, if anyone has gone in the previous years, it'd be cool to know that too!
I also have a few random questions about you're State Conferences.... if you do in fact have them.... SO, if anyone feels inclined to answer then, here are my questions
1.You're State?
2.When is your State Conference?
3.About how many people attend?
4.How many from your county?
5.How well do they advertise for Conference?
6.What type of workshops do they have? What works well about them? and what ones do you like?
7.Things that work or dont work about the schedule?
8.Why do you go? Would you go again? (why or why not) Why is it so important to you?
9.How long is it?
10.Any other comments about your State Conference...?

Thanx SOOOOOOOOOOO for all you who might answer some or all of them!!!!!
Gretchen, SA

10/28/04 08:42 pm - chiquita522 - Flying Changes

OMG! I did flying lead changes in my lesson tonight! I was soooo happy! Kelly didn't really want to do them to start out with, but she eventually decided to move her hips over.

She was bucking with the changes though...really big bucks for her. Of course, she doesn't buck, so I'm just not used to it. It was soooo cool! Especially since it only took her a few tries to figure out how to switch both her front and hind end at the same time.

For thoe non-horsey people reading this, a flying lead change is when you ask your horse to change leads in the canter (sorta like a run) without coming down to the trot and then going back into the canter on the other lead. It's kinda hard to explain, but it's fun.

I was laughing when Kelly bucked. It was awsome. I had an audience for the whole lesson too. That didn't help my self confidence in cueing, but it did give me a reason to stay on the horse.

I can't even explain how awsome it is to be suddenly airborn with your horse's hind end flying up and then suddenly feeling like the horse's front end is slamming into the ground on the new lead. It's sooo cool! You have no idea!

10/26/04 06:25 pm - i_bleed_green

I haven't posted in a while. For those who don't know me (which is basically everyone except our wonderful Moderator, Tara)my name is Shannon and I've been a 4Her for almost 3 years.

I'm in Horse Club in South Carolina. I have an 8 yo Thoroughbred who I call "Andy". We like to jump, trail ride, and go galloping around the fields. Now, I'm in my freshman year of college and I do intercollegiate hunt seat shows.

Leave me a comment y'all!

10/19/04 08:55 pm - my_name_is_moo

hey, just a quick ad for my new community!
go to wwww.livejournal.com/community/4h_teen_leaders

10/18/04 06:27 pm - my_name_is_moo

hi, i've been in 4-h 8 years and i'm in the dog project and the leadership project. i'm my county's teen representative and i go to all of the events i can find. but the reason i'm posting here is i was wondering who all's going to national congress?

10/5/04 12:03 pm - rideacowgirl101

HEY...im randi and im from sunol 4-H in alameda county in california....i raise pigs and steers....

8/30/04 09:04 pm - siriuspotter - hello

hey whats up my name is richard and i am from comanche county 4h in oklahoma my project is wildlife and i love 4h!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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